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What types of Notes do you buy?
We purchase and broker privately held, Performing, 1st lien, Residential Real Estate Notes secured by 1 to 4 residential units including single family residences, townhomes, and condominiums nationwide. Performing 1st Lien Real Estate notes are notes where the borrower (payor - mortgagor - trustor) is still making payments to the note holder (payee - mortgagee - trustee) and the note is in 1st position (most senior loan) since it was recorded in the county records chronologically before other loans.  

Why would I want to sell and receive a lump sum of cash for my Performing, 1st Lien, Residential Real Estate note?

There are many reasons why a note holder will sell their payment income stream for a lump sum of cash. A note holder may need cash to start a new business or to replenish spending capital for an existing business, pay for college tuition, take a well deserved vacation, pay off credit card and other debts, make home improvements, etc, or they are tired of servicing the note and would like to eliminate the worries and hassle of collecting payments. Selling the note eliminates worrying about late payments, damage to the Real Estate securing the note, unpaid premiums for homeowner's insurance, or the possibility of foreclosure. 

What options do I have in selling my privately held performing 1st Lien Residential Real Estate note?

Our note purchase plans can be individually designed to meet your financial needs and goals. Although there are other plans available, most note holders choose one of the following options:


(1) Full Purchase:  We can buy ALL of your remaining payments for a lump sum of cash. You will be totally free of the note and we will assume full responsibility for it.


(2) Partial Purchase:  We can buy a portion of your remaining payments for a lump sum of cash. After the specified number of payments are made to us, we'll assign the note back to you and you'll collect all future payments. It's a convenient way to obtain the cash you need now, while you continue to have a vested interest in the note for future income. Often, the cash received for a partial purchase plus the remaining balance when you collect payments in the future, exceed the current remaining balance on a note.

How much time does it take for me to receive cash for my note? 7 - 14 days is the amount of time you can expect to receive your cash after we receive all the necessary documents from you. Commercial or portfolio deals will take more time of course. Your help will expedite the process. We do our best to make the process as easy and convenient as possible. 

How is the payor of the note affected?

A full or partial purchase of your note will have no affect on the payor(s) of the note. The terms (payment, balance, interest rate, term, etc) do not change. The payor (borrower) will be given a new address to send their payments.  

We welcome and appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Call me if you are interested in getting an idea of what your note is worth in today's market. I look forward to speaking with you. 

Robert L. Wright

Owner and Managing Member

Mega World Investments, LLC 

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Robert L. Wright, Managing Member
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