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Mega World Investments, LLC, is a Real Estate Note Investment company located in Coral Springs, Florida. 

We broker institutional 1st lien note portfolios and single asset notes, non-performing (NPN) and performing (PN), secured by residential and commercial Real Estate nationwide.

We source off-market Real Estate Note product directly from principal note sellers. We recently completed development of our highly anticipated proprietary software program to quickly identify US banking institutions that currently have specific types of off market, distressed, 1st lien Real Estate note product which is likely to be liquidated based upon a computer algorithm that analyzes historical selling patterns, charge off accumulations, and other key factors. As a result, we can provide our pre-vetted equity buyers with a greater flow of Non-Performing Note (NPN) acquisition opportunities in the marketplace. Call reports from over 5,500 banks are currently analyzed by our program on a quarterly basis. Our focus is to securely match this product with the needs of our buyers and to provide smooth and efficient transactions.

We purchase and broker privately held performing, 1st Lien, single asset notes secured by 1-4 unit residential Real Estate. If you are receiving payments on a 1st Lien, Performing Note secured by a single family residence, townhome, condominium, or any residential property up to 4 units, we can provide you with a free appraisal of your note with no obligation.

Owner occupied residential note transactions comply with the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA).

Our Goals: 

  • Develop mutually beneficial and profitable relationships with all our business associates including hedge funds, private equity funds, asset management companies, banks, and private individuals. 
  • Create Win-Win transactions by providing careful attention to the needs of our clients and offering very competitive pricing. 
  • We seek to work directly with principal note sellers.  

Whether you are an asset manager representing a bank, private equity fund, hedge fund, loan servicing company, or private individual interested in getting an idea of what your note is worth in today's market, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.


Robert L. Wright, Owner and Managing Member of Mega World Investments, LLC.

Robert received the Certified Mortgage Investor designation (CMI) from the National Mortgage Investors Institute at the Open University in Orlando, Florida and is a member of the American Cash Flow Association TM and Association of Private Mortgage Professionals.

After several years of research and testing, Robert recently completed development of an Excel - VBA based computer program to analyze call reports from over 5,500 US banks on a quarterly basis to increase product flow for our pre-vetted buyers of 1st lien, NPN product.

Robert is licensed in the state of Florida as a Real Estate Sales Associate.

Robert is a veteran of the United States Air Force and received an honorable discharge after 4 years active and 2 years inactive military service (1979-1985).

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We do not offer investment, tax, or legal advice.
Seek a licensed Securities Dealer, Investment Advisor, Certified Public Accountant, or Attorney for advice on such matters.

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